Please Note
John Kaldor Fabricmaker has closed its Sydney and Melbourne Offices.
There are no longer any John Kaldor fabrics being held or sold in Australia.

John Kaldor Fabricmaker  would like to thank all its suppliers and customers for their past support.
For any other enquiries please contact the phone number on the Contacts page.
John Kaldor Fabrics are still being created and sold in London in the UK.
Please see the Contacts page for their contact details

Since Christo and Jeanne-Claude created Wrapped Coast - One Million Square Feet, Sydney in 1969, John Kaldor Art Projects has invited many leading international artists to Australia. In a 30-year pioneering tradition, successive influential art projects have played an important role in bringing groundbreaking trends to the Australian public. These events have contributed significantly to changing the understanding of contemporary art in Australia.

In 2003, John Kaldor Art Projects was granted charitable status in recognition of the long-term contribution to the cultural life of Australia. This heralds a new chapter, enabling the transition from the personal endeavour of John Kaldor to an organisation with the ability to grow and take on major projects on a regular basis.

 John Kaldor Art Projects

History of John Kaldor Fabricmaker

John Kaldor Fabricmaker (trading as John Kaldor) was founded in 1970 in Sydney, Australia. From the outset the company was successful, growing rapidly, due to the original and distinctive designs created by John Kaldor (AM), and had been the recognised market leader since the early 1980s.

The company had two main Divisions, the Apparel Fabrics and the Decorative Products Divisions, and distributed locally (in Australia) to retailers and manufacturers. John Kaldor also had a large export business, exporting to Asia, South America, New Zealand, South Africa,  Europe and the Middle East.

There were offices in Sydney, London, New York and Melbourne and Agents in many other countries.

John Kaldor participated in all major international fabric fairs. John Kaldor is internationally recognised as a leader in design, colour and the projection of fashion trends in textiles. The company ranked as one the world's leading fabric converters.

The Company ceased trading in Australia in 2004




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