MOVE Hospitals

MOVE Hospitals expands on our successful MOVE Primary: Art in motion resource, and provides creative workshops specifically for children attending hospital schools. Through the MOVE Hospitals program, students are active participants in their learning – exploring new technologies, engaging in art-making activities, working individually and in groups, and building on their skills. Students may also have the opportunity to meet the artists and ask questions about their work. This groundbreaking approach to education recognizes that art and art-making can provide children and youth with new ways of seeing, understanding and communicating their experiences.

MOVE Hospitals was developed in partnership with the Sydney Children’s Hospital Art Program, and represents Kaldor Public Art Projects’ commitment to innovative and creative learning approaches in arts education for disadvantaged students.

I thought it was successful, we managed to get these students to look and focus on everyday objects in a totally new manner, they are learning that contemporary art has no boundaries!

- Art teacher/art therapist, Centennial Park School for Specific Purposes

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